I failed half of my courses this semester. I tried so hard, studied as much as I could but it just doesn't seem enough. I'm interested in the courses that I'm taking and I'm able to actually do them but somehow, when it's time for the exam, I blank out.

I'm struggling with social anxiety since highschool and even though I know I should ask questions to my teachers when I don't understand something, I can't bring myself to and instead, turn to my books and try to teach myself the material. I'm not really open to my parents and I don't feel comfortable telling them about how I feel, I don't want them to see me cry. I know that my parents only want the best for me, I know that they love me but when it comes to school, it's like there is no valid excuse for me to not do well in them. All throughout elementary and highschool and even up to my first year in college, I did well so they're used to me only giving them good grades.

I know that I messed up and that I had no reason whatsoever to fail any of my courses and I know that I will have to face the consequences of my decisions, I know that I will have to tell my parents about it because though they don't pay my tuition, I feel like they deserve to know about this since they've put so much expectations on me as I am the eldest and should give the good example to my younger sibling but how do I bring myself to? How should I tell them? I'm terrified of what they are going to say and I feel so disappointed and ashamed of myself that I let this happen.

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